University of Seville

University Faculties, Schools and Departments
(Seville, Spain)

The following are the most popular courses among international students at the University of Seville.

School of Philology
  • Hispanic Dialectology
  • Andalusian Sociolinguistics
  • Present tendencies of Hispano-American Poetry
  • The Spanish Comedy: Cycle of Lope
  • Theory and structure of Literary Sorts
  • History and Fiction in Hispano-America
  • Monographic Hispano-American Poetry Course
  • The Literature of the Civil War
  • Literature and Society in Spain
  • Literature and Society in Hispano-America
  • Hispano-American theater
  • History and Fiction in Hispano-American Literature
  • Theory of Literary Translation
  • Methodology and History of English to Spanish Translation

The Faculty of Philology also includes Degrees in German Philology, Classic, French, English and Italian Arabe.

School of Geography and History
  • Anthropology of Development
  • Social Anthropology of the Iberian Peninsula
  • Ethnicity, Migrations and Nationalisms
  • Anthropology of Social Marginalization
  • General Geography of Spain
  • History of Present Spain
  • Modern History of Spain
  • History of Modern Spain and its Relations with America
  • History of Al-Andalus
  • Formation and Development of Capitalism
  • Political Ideologies and Social Movements in Contemporary Spain
  • Origins and Development of Modern Andalusia
  • History of International Relations (Centuries XIX-XX)
  • Art of the Renaissance in Italy
  • History of Contemporary Art
  • History of Hispano-American Art
  • History and Technique of Photography
  • History of Aesthetic Ideas
  • Popular Arts
  • History of Contemporary Art in Andalusia
  • Art and Market in Contemporary Society
  • History of Art Criticism

School of Education
  • Theory of Education
  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Psychology of Education
  • Educative Systems
  • History of Education of Spain
  • Sociology of Culture and Knowledge
  • Organization and Diversity
  • Sociology for the Cooperation and International Development
  • Psychology of Groups and the Organizations
  • Family Education
  • Techniques of Modification of Conduct in Special Education
  • Infantile Literature
  • History of Music and Folklore
  • Education for Diversity and Equality

Seville University

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